Monitoring Compliance by Core Facilities Users at the ISN

In accordance with MIT research ramp-up guidance, the ISN has established a Department Monitoring and Compliance (DMC) committee, which is responsible for monitoring, reporting, and ensuring the compliance of all persons who utilize the ISN Core Facilities.
Core facility usage at the ISN consists of researchers operating shared-use equipment. In some cases, shared-use equipment is located in or near lab space that has been designated to the use of specific PIs and researchers, presenting a unique set of challenges.
To ensure observance of social distancing requirements and occupancy limits during research ramp-up, researchers with designated office and/or laboratory space at the ISN must provide their shift schedules to the ISN. Reservations for the use of shared-use equipment must be made by the ISN staff on behalf of researchers. This is to make sure that all equipment use is known in advance, can be coordinated with shift work to adhere to occupancy and distancing guidelines, and can be monitored for all aspects of health and safety compliance by ISN staff.
Non-compliance with ISN policies for shared-use equipment and lab spaces is monitored through a combination of:
• Periodic checks of the lab by on-site staff during business hours, and
• Reviewing security camera footage of lab spaces, especially for weekend and after-hours use.
Examples of non-compliance include, but are not limited to:
• Not social distancing
• Improper use of PPE including masks, safety glasses, and lab attire
• Working with another person or in groups of any size
• Bringing any unauthorized personnel into the labs
• Unauthorized or unreserved equipment use
Non-compliance with MIT and ISN policies during research ramp-up is taken seriously in an effort to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID19 in our community. Health and safety policies are covered in the required COVID-19 ISN Lab-Specific Training, are posted in relevant spaces throughout the lab, and are posted on MIT and ISN websites. Additional information about ISN policies is available and periodically updated on our Research Ramp-up Information Page.
In the event of noncompliance with ISN policies, the researcher will be notified via email and/or by a staff member in-person. The Compliance and Infraction Table (below), which is intended as a non-comprehensive guide, outlines safety policies and requirements with related examples of noncompliant actions. 
The provided Compliance and Infraction Table, which is intended as a non-comprehensive guide, outlines safety policies and requirements with related examples of noncompliant actions.
Please be aware that any action the ISN DMC determines poses a risk to the health and safety of our community will be treated accordingly, even if it is not listed on the table. If a researcher is identified as posing an immediate risk to community health and safety, and/or fails to comply with instructions given by ISN staff, the ISN reserves the right to immediately suspend access.
Failure to comply with corrective instruction given by ISN staff members, whether in person or via email, and repeated instances of noncompliance will result in a loss of access to the ISN. In the event of suspension, the researcher, their PI, the Director of the ISN, and the ISN DMC will be notified via email of the reasons for the loss of access. Access to the ISN may only be reinstated following a discussion between the researcher’s PI and the Director of the ISN.
Please direct any ISN policy questions to the ISN Laboratory and Facilities Manager, Amy Tatem-Bannister.