ISN RR PHASE-3 Access Requirements

1) All Researchers must be in MIT CovidPass

2) The Researcher’s PI must add the ISN as a ‘Core Facilities’ access point need

3) All new researchers must complete the online ISN Access Form

  • You will be asked to send a photo for your profile that will be created in the ISN Intranet. This site is where you will request and manage your equipment reservations.
  • If you do not find your login information, or need us to reset your password, please email Marlisha McDaniels (, or Amy Tatem-Bannister (

4) All MIT EHS training courses must be completed and/or updated as required for each researcher’s lab activities. Training will be verified.

For detailed instructions on how to register for the required MIT EHS training, click here. These instructions have recently been updated.

Prior to start of any work in the ISN labs all researchers must have completed:

  • 100 - Chemical Hygiene
  • 171/111 - ISN Lab Specific (via Zoom, Thursdays, 1-2:15p)
  • 501 - Managing Hazardous Waste

5) Equipment training from the ISN Equipment Steward must be completed.

  • If you are not yet trained on the equipment you wish to use, please refer to our Equipment Training section to verify if the equipment you wish to use is listed. Not all equipment is available for new trainings at this time.
  • Some equipment may require a refresher training if it is deemed necessary by the Steward due to how long it has been since last training or equipment use.

6) Once steps 1-5 above are completed, the Researcher will be added to the list of those Researchers that can request a reservation on equipment at the ISN. If you do not find your name on the dropdown list you should first verify that you have completed all steps above, and then email the following ISN Staff:


For more information about equipment reservation requests, please:


For general ISN inquiries please contact Marlisha McDaniels (