Guidelines for Use of Offices and Core Facilities at the ISN – PHASE 3


Guidelines for Use of Core Facilities at the ISN - PHASE 3

The ISN has entered PHASE 3 of Research Ramp-Up (RR) at MIT.

At this time all researchers who have returned to work at MIT for RR Phase-3 and are in CovidPass are welcome to return to the ISN to use equipment they were previously trained on, upon fulfilling all requirements for regaining access to the facilities.

For new access requests please fill out the online ISN Lab Access Form and complete all fields.

Some equipment, but not all, is now available for new trainings where those can be provided remotely by the Equipment Steward. You can find a list of the equipment available for new trainings, or refresher trainings if required, in the section on ‘Equipment Training’.

Please note:

  1. If a new Researcher’s primary work space is intended to be located at the ISN that space assignment will first need to be discussed with the ISN Lab and Facilities Manager, added to the research group’s Ex A and B with the ISN, and reviewed by the ISN DMC during all phases of RR. Details of schedule/shift work, workspaces and proposed research activities (even if solely on designated group equipment housed at the ISN) will need to be considered prior to start of work. 
  2. Researchers must have all MIT EHS trainings up-to-date before they can begin work in the laboratories. Special topic trainings, such as Laser, and X-Ray should be arranged prior to start of training on the equipment they wish to use. If you are uncertain about your MIT EHS training status you can contact our EHS Representative, Donna Johnson (
  3. Policies for access and use of the ISN Core Facilities during RR have been described in ISN Lab Specific Training, which is a requirement for access, and are also described in the section of our website on Monitoring and Compliance. Please ensure that you are familiar with and understand those policies.


Guidelines for Use of Offices at the ISN - PHASE 3

ISN office spaces are assigned only to researchers whose primary workspace is at the ISN. During Phase 3 of the MIT laboratory research ramp-up, this office space can be used ONLY by researchers who are listed by name on the approved RR forms, with assigned ISN laboratory research space, or otherwise approved to enter the ISN to utilize their assigned office space. 

  1. Consistent with MIT policy, work that can be done remotely should continue to be prioritized as such. Offices and desks at the ISN are available only to those who have been assigned to that space by the ISN Lab and Facilities Manager.
  2. This office space can be used ONLY for purposes directly related to the researchers’ authorized use of ISN space. 
  3. During Phase-3 the office spaces at the ISN remain the designated area for storing personal items, for breaks from lab work to eat lunch or other meals, working in between experiments, or when waiting to enter the lab for scheduled shift.
  4. The offices at the ISN remain at an occupancy limit of one (1) person. However, the occupants in offices without a door to close should continue to wear a mask or face covering in those offices unless they are actively taking a brief break to eat or drink. 
  5. The ISN Lab and Facilities Manager will work with each PI to try to meet the office needs of that PI's group members who work at the ISN, but limits of occupancy per square footage may require office re-assignment or scheduling offices for use during shift work.