Access to ISN Research Equipment and Facilities

Anyone wishing to access ISN facilities must comply with MIT regulations pertaining to MIT campus access, including registration in Covid Pass and adherence to its rules. For more information on MIT’s campus access policies, please see MIT Now.

Prospective users of equipment and laboratory facilities at the ISN Dedicated Research Facility must first complete the ISN Laboratory Access Request Form, read the ISN Access Procedures and Policies and the ISN Chemical Hygiene Plan, and attend a one-hour Lab Specific Safety Training class. They may also be required to undertake specific training to use particular items of equipment. Some ISN equipment bears a user fee; users of such equipment will be required to provide a valid MIT cost object when scheduling use via the ISN Intranet's reservation system. Please see the intranet for equipment details and current rates.

People who are not MIT students, fellows, or employees require MIT visiting appointments (e.g., visiting scientist) to use MIT research facilities. U.S. Army personnel who need MIT visiting appointments in order to access ISN facilities should contact Josh Freedman, the ISN Assistant Director for Administration and Finance.