How to Fund Research

The ISN is a mission-oriented MIT special laboratory focused on helping the Army, other U.S. military services, and industry enable innovative protection, survivability, and other mission capabilities for the Soldier, other U.S. warfighters, their platforms, and their systems. Dual-use applications to benefit commercial customers are also of great interest. The ISN’s approach is discovery and preliminary maturation of innovative technologies through on-campus research including initial prototyping, followed by transitioning promising outcomes of that research to ISN partners (i.e., the Army, other U.S. military services, and industry).

The ISN welcomes opportunities to perform basic and applied research in support of the U.S. military, U.S. government agencies, and industrial concerns. In addition to the Army, ISN research sponsors have included the U.S. Air Force, Department of Energy, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the U.S. Navy, and and a variety of large and small businesses. For  companies, the ISN has a special partnering program.  Projects tailored to a sponsor’s specific needs can be funded at the ISN through direct awards to MIT. U.S. military sponsors may, if they wish, MIPR funds to the Army’s ISN contract with MIT. To explore how ISN research could provide S&T solutions for your organization, or to learn more about the ISN industry partnering program, please contact:

Mr. Franklin Hadley
Outreach and Communications Director, ISN
Telephone: 617.324.6413

Information on ISN core competencies is available here. In response to sponsor needs, the ISN can expand these competencies, and add totally new ones, by engaging experts from across the MIT campus and Lincoln Laboratory, a Federally-Funded Research and Development Center that is part of MIT.