Project 2.5: Nano-Plasmonics for Soldier Applications

PIs: Soljačić, Johnson


Plasmonics offers a unique opportunity to shrink light to scales dramatically smaller than the scales of the same frequency light in air. In turn, this enables a wide range of novel applications which would otherwise be impossible. Project 2.5 will focus on three important Soldier applications enabled by plasmonics. First, investigating how electrons interacting with graphene plasmons and other kinds of surface plasmons could enable a widely tunable compact source of radiation, anywhere from Terahertz frequencies, all the way to X-ray. Second, studying how 2D-plasmonic materials could enable observation of a wide range of previously forbidden atomic and molecular optical transitions, including two-photon transitions. These studies could lead to numerous novel secure communications, as well as chemical sensing capabilities for the Soldier. Finally, exploring how superior obscurance solutions could be enabled by the optical cross-section-area of plasmonic nanoparticles being much larger than their physical area.