ISN Access Procedures

You will not obtain access to the ISN until you complete ALL of the following steps. We suggest that you complete the steps in the order presented.


Anyone wishing to access ISN facilities must comply with any and all MIT regulations pertaining to MIT campus access, including registration in Covid Pass and adherence to the rules thereof. For more information on MIT’s campus access policies, please see MIT Now.

If you have been told that you will have office, desk, or laboratory bench space assigned to you, in addition to your following the steps outlined below, a request for this space must be made in an email to ISN Laboratory and Facilities Manager Amy Tatem-Bannister by your research advisor, an ISN-approved member of your research group, or an authorized member of the ISN research staff.


  1. Complete the online ISN Access Form

    1. You will be emailed a login and password to ISN Intranet once your form has been processed


  1. Log in to ISN Intranet and request training for any equipment you plan to use.

    1. Equipment training is scheduled via the ISN Intranet but must be completed in-person under the supervision of the appropriate ISN Equipment Steward, so it is recommended that arrangements be made for this training as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

    2. If you will be using (a) equipment that is currently located at the ISN but is under the oversight of your research group, rather than the ISN Laboratory and Facilities Manager, or (b) lab space or fume hood space that has been assigned to your research group, training specific to these spaces and/or devices may not be available for scheduling through the ISN Intranet. Instead, training should be arranged directly through your research group, and must be confirmed to ISN Laboratory and Facilities Manager Amy Tatem-Bannister, with a cc to ISN EHS Representative Donna Johnson, by your research advisor, an ISN-approved member of your research group, or an authorized member of the ISN research staff prior to starting work.


  1. Read the ISN Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)


  1. Read the ISN Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)located on the ISN Intranet (requires login)


  1. Complete the MIT Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) training requirements for working in ISN and MIT research facilities *

    (Click the link above for detailed instructions on how to register for the required MIT EHS training. These instructions have recently been updated.)

    1. Basic entry to ISN labs will trigger the following required MIT EHS courses:

      1. 171/111 — ISN Lab Specific Safety Training **

      2. 100 — General Chemical Hygiene

      3. 501 — Managing Hazardous Waste

    2. Additional EHS training is required if working with equipment or materials using:

      1. X-Ray

      2. Laser

      3. Biological materials/samples (BL1 and BL2 only at ISN)

      4. Radioactive materials/samples


  1. Complete any equipment training scheduled in Step 2


  1. Contact the ISN Laboratory and Facilities Manager, Amy Tatem-Bannister, and cc the ISN EHS Representative, Donna Johnson, when you have completed all requirements for access. 

    When completion has been verified by the appropriate ISN team member, you will be emailed a confirmation that ISN access has been added to your MIT ID card. At that time, you can begin to create reservations for equipment use and enter the laboratories to work.


* Information on MIT EHS courses can be found on the MIT Atlas web portal. Some of the MIT EHS training requirements can be completed either online or in a traditional classroom setting. To find the necessary MIT EHS courses, navigate to MIT Atlas > Learning Center. If you have not already created an EHS Training Profile, you will need to create or update your EHS Training Profile to access some courses. Refer to the EHS Learning Center – My Profile Guide for detailed instructions. 

** ISN Lab Specific Training (EHS171) sessions are held every Thursday from 12:00-1:15pm via Zoom. No reservations are necessary to attend. Contact Amy Tatem-Bannister for the current week's training link.